Traffic updates during President Trump's visit

WCPO will provide traffic updates and road closures while President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump visit Cincinnati Monday afternoon.

    Secret Service could choose to avoid the interstate. In that case, Fairfax and Mariemont residents should expect shutdowns on Wooster Pike and Camargo and Plainville roads. Camargo Road runs up through Madeira and Indian Hill, so those who commute through those cities should be ready, as well.

    East Enders should be most vigilant throughout the day, as they should expect Wilmer Avenue and Wooster Road in the Lunken vicinity to be shut down both when the president arrives and readies to depart. These roads provide access to the municipal airport.

    Redbank Road is also a connector between the two locations, in that it connects to Interstate 71. This would be the most direct route.

    Commuters should expect shutdowns of I-71 between Red Bank and Pfeiffer roads while the motorcade is en route. Click here for that route. 

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