The Queen City does New York City

Join arts and entertainment reporter Matt Peiken as he reports on the sights, sounds, news and notables as a contingent of Cincinnati arts groups and business leaders show off the Queen City to New Yorkers. Why the full-court press? Courting impactful, boastable press with a national and international reach, cultivating the giant institutional donors of tomorrow, enticing companies and the brain power that works for them to consider locating in Cincinnati, recruiting top artistic talent interested in joining arts groups with national reputations and ambitions.All of it is an expensive, uncertain proposition—that a week-long bite into the Big Apple can create ripple effects of momentum that will reverberate for years back home and, in the process, alter and elevate the value the general public places on the arts in Cincinnati. Peiken will be following the groups from May 6 to May 12.

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